Marco Zahner

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The realization of a prototype for a novel band-selective personal exposure assessment system is presented. The new system combines three features that are crucial for Non-Ionising-Radiation (NIR) monitoring, namely the measurement of power levels of selected near field sources, e.g. internal Wi-Fi module, field levels of far field sources and global(More)
A scheme for the direct conversion of millimeter and THz waves to optical signals is introduced. The compact device consists of a plasmonic phase modulator that is seamlessly cointegrated with an antenna. Neither high-speed electronics nor electronic amplification is required to drive the modulator. A built-in enhancement of the electric field by a factor(More)
A compact testbed for real-time Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless system performance evaluation in terms of un-coded bit-error rate is presented. Both the transmitter and the receiver are realized in form of a small PCB. The system operates in the frequency range from 3.1--5.0 GHz with a maximum data rate of 10 MBit/s. By means of two examples this poster(More)
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