Marco Waleboer

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OBJECTIVE At present, there is no prognostic model that is specific for prediction of survival after non-small cell lung cancer surgery. We aimed to develop a prognostic model that can be used to estimate the postoperative survival of individual patients. METHODS A total of 766 patients underwent resection for primary non-small cell lung cancer. Comorbid(More)
BACKGROUND Fractures of the humeral shaft are associated with a profound temporary (and in the elderly sometimes even permanent) impairment of independence and quality of life. These fractures can be treated operatively or non-operatively, but the optimal tailored treatment is an unresolved problem. As no high-quality comparative randomized or observational(More)
BACKGROUND Elbow dislocations can be classified as simple or complex. Simple dislocations are characterized by the absence of fractures, while complex dislocations are associated with fractures. After reduction of a simple dislocation, treatment options include immobilization in a static plaster for different periods of time or so-called functional(More)
The efficacy and safety of aspirin in the prevention and treatment of thrombosis in essential thrombocythaemia (ET) was retrospectively analysed in a cohort of 68 ET patients. 41 patients presented with thrombosis, five patients with bleeding: two patients had a paradoxical combination of bleeding and thrombosis at presentation. At presentation, patients(More)
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