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This study is part of the project, "Towards a Pain-Free Hospital," which aims at improving the approach and treatment of the patient in pain. The objective of the study was to evaluate the knowledge and attitudes of doctors and nurses on the wards of a 1000-bed general hospital located in a rather densely-populated, industrialized area of Italy regarding(More)
PURPOSE To determine the analgesic effect of the addition of gabapentin to opioids in the management of neuropathic cancer pain. PATIENTS AND METHODS One hundred twenty-one consecutive patients with neuropathic pain due to cancer, partially controlled with systemic opioids, participated in a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled,(More)
BACKGROUND Very few studies have been conducted on the presence and control of pain in Italian hospitals. AIMS The present study estimates pain prevalence and therapy in Italian hospitalised patients. METHODS In the autumn of 2000, a survey was taken on 4523 inpatients throughout Italy. All eligible patients were given a questionnaire with two Numerical(More)
The aims of this study were to survey the knowledge and attitudes of Italian health care professionals toward pain and develop a valid instrument to assess pain knowledge of physicians and nurses. A 21-item questionnaire on a Likert scale was given to 4,961 health professionals in 20 hospitals in Italy who volunteered to participate in the study. The(More)
BACKGROUND In daily practice, the intravenous lidocaine drip has been introduced as a predictive test for subsequent oral treatment with adjuvant drugs (anti-depressants, channel blockers and anti-convulsants). Our aim is the assessment of the correlation between the test response and the effectiveness of the consequent oral drug therapy. METHODS 183(More)
BACKGROUND There is general agreement about the need to perform a screening test to assess the risk of opioid misuse prior to starting a long-term opioid treatment for chronic noncancer pain. The evidence supporting the effectiveness of opioid long-term treatment is weak, and no predictors of its usefulness have been assessed. OBJECTIVE The aim of this(More)
The mechanisms leading to the formation of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) are an important subject of ongoing research for both air quality and climate. Recent laboratory experiments suggest that reactions taking place in the atmospheric liquid phase represent a potentially significant source of SOA mass. Here, we report direct ambient observations of SOA(More)
CONTEXT Caregiver satisfaction with palliative care is a crucial indicator of its effectiveness. In light of the lack of validated or reliable Italian instruments, the Post Mortem Questionnaire-Short Form (QPM-SF), a self-report questionnaire, has been developed to assess home and inpatient hospice care. OBJECTIVES The present study was designed to(More)