Marco Vettorello

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The human brain can simulate motor actions without physically executing them, and there is a neuro-psychological relationship between imaging and performing a movement. These are shared opinions. In fact there is scientific evidence showing that the mental simulation of an action is correlated to a subliminal activation of the motor system. There is also(More)
Service discovery protocols help users of a communication network to find services, applications, and devices that are available in the network. This feature is especially useful for mobile users in foreign networks and for groups of users that form a spontaneous (ad hoc) wireless network. As the demand for service discovery is growing, security is becoming(More)
To the Editor: While several papers support the physiological and clinical relevance of indices quantifying the sensitivity of spontaneous baroreflex control of heart rate (BRS), 1 Lipman et al 2 claim that they are unable to properly explore baroreflex function because spontaneous BRS was found to be quantitatively different from BRS values provided by the(More)
This paper focuses on the ways in which the introduction of technologies in modern medicine is changing collective notions of the body. In particular, it describes two popular and imaginative conceptualizations of the body that have been inspired by progresses made by medical technologies during last century: the cyborg, and the cyberbody. Although these(More)
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