Marco Varisco

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BACKGROUND Posterior fossa surgery traditionally implies permanent bone removal. Although suboccipital craniectomy offers an excellent exposure, it could lead to complications. Thus, some authors proposed craniotomy as a valuable alternative to craniectomy. In the present study we compare postoperative complications after craniotomy or craniectomy for(More)
In general the processes of taking a homotopy inverse limit of a diagram of spectra and smashing spectra with a fixed space do not commute. In this paper we investigate under what additional assumptions these two processes do commute. In fact we deal with an equivariant generalization which involves spectra and smash products over the orbit category of a(More)
We give a brief survey of higher algebraic K-theory and its connection to motivic cohomology. We start with limits and colimits, and then pass to the combinatorial construction of topological spaces by means of " systems of simplices " , usefully mediated by simplicial sets. Definitions of K-theory are offered, and the main theorems are stated. A definition(More)
Primarily, these notes have been created by the participants of a seminar formed to go through the English language version, available on the arXiv, of the paper [16] whose main result implies the amenability of Thompson's group F. The seminar has been running sporadically since July 9, 2009. I (Matt Brin) have been acting as recorder for the seminar. A(More)
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