Marco Vannucci

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This paper describes a novel binary classification method named LASCUS that can be applied to uneven datasets and sensitive problems such as malfunction detection. Such method aims at filling the gap left by traditional algorithms which have difficulties when coping with unbalanced datasets and are not ccepted 15 September 2010 vailable online 16 November(More)
An outlier is an observation (or measurement) that is different with respect to the other values contained in a given dataset. Outliers can be due to several causes. The measurement can be incorrectly observed, recorded or entered into the process computer, the observed datum can come from a different population with respect to the normal situation and thus(More)
Long memory processes are widely used in many scientific fields, such as economics, physics, and engineering. Change point detection problems have received considerable attention in the literature because of their wide range of possible applications. Here we describe a wavelet-based Bayesian procedure for the estimation and location of multiple change(More)
This paper presents a mathematical model developed by means of an analytical function whose shape depends on the values of a few parameters for the run-out table cooling which is used in hot strip mills. The system relies on a first-order differential equation for describing the temperature loss along the run-out table. Neural networks have been applied in(More)