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Protein comparison is gaining importance year after year since it has been demonstrated that biologists can find correlation between different species, or genetic mutations that can lead to cancer and genetic diseases. Protein sequence alignment is the most computational intensive task when performing protein comparison. In order to speed-up alignment,(More)
In the years to come new solutions will be required to overcome the limitations of scaled CMOS technology. One approach is to adopt Nano-Magnetic Logic Circuits, highly appealing for their extremely reduced power consumption. Despite the interesting nature of this approach, many problems arise when this technology is considered for real designs. The wire is(More)
Biosequence alignment recently received an amazing support from both commodity and dedicated hardware platforms. The limitless requirements of this application motivate the search for improved implementations to boost processing time and capabilities. We propose an unprecedented hardware improvement to the classic Smith-Waterman (S-W) algorithm based on a(More)
In the last decade Quantum dot Cellular Automata technology has been one of the most studied among the emerging technologies. The magnetic implementation, NanoMagnet Logic (NML), is particularly interesting as an alternative solutions to CMOS technology. The main advantages of NML circuits resides in the possibility to mix logic and memory in the same(More)
A common element in emerging nanotechnologies is the increasing complexity of the problems to face when attempting the design phase, because issues related to technology, specific application and architecture must be evaluated simultaneously. In several cases faced problems are known, but require a fresh re-think on the basis of different constraints not(More)
In recent years Field-Coupled devices, like Quantum dot Cellular Automata, are gaining an ever increasing attention from the scientific community. The computational paradigm beyond this device topology is based on the interaction among neighbor cells to propagate information through circuits. Among the various implementations of this theoretical principle,(More)