Marco Torri

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AIMS The Florence Acute Myocardial Infarction Registry is a prospective, observational study aimed at identifying the determinants of use of primary PCI and of prognosis in patients with STE-AMI, in an unselected population-based setting. METHODS AND RESULTS Nine hundred and thirty cases of STE-AMI (mean age: 70.5 years) were prospectively recorded.(More)
In this study the efficacy and safety femoral intra-arterial administration of teicoplanin in the treatment of diabetic foot infections caused by gram-positive bacteria were evaluated. Twenty-five hospitalized diabetic patients with foot ulcers or with foot ulcers and metatarsophalangeal osteomyelitis were included in the study. In the ulcers Staphylococcus(More)
We report the synthesis and biological properties of novel inhibitors of the Na(+),K(+)-ATPase as positive inotropic compounds. Following our previously described model from which Istaroxime was generated, the 5alpha,14alpha-androstane skeleton was used as a scaffold to study the space around the basic chain of our lead compound. Some compounds demonstrated(More)
Several studies on disease and treatment effects on neurohormones have been conducted with small numbers of patients, using one blood sample as representative of their states. The aim of this study was to assess the within-patient variability of plasma concentrations of several hormones and cytokines of recent interest, in patients with moderate heart(More)
We compared the effects of an ACE inhibitor, captopril, with those of a DA2-dopaminergic/alpha2-adrenergic receptor agonist (CHF-1024) on neuroendocrine activation and cardiac fibrosis in a model of pressure-overload hypertrophy. Interrenal aortic stenosis was performed in 89 rats, treated with CHF-1024 (0.33, 2 or 6 mg kg(-1) day(-1)), or captopril (1(More)
Attenuation of neuroendocrine activation may be beneficial in congestive heart failure. Sympathetic nervous system overactivity can be reduced by receptors blockade or by reducing norepinephrine (NE) spillover. This study evaluated and compared the effects of a DA2-dopaminergic receptor/alpha2-adrenoceptor agonist (CHF-1024) and a beta1-adrenoreceptor(More)
Purpose This paper will draw on recent ethnographic fieldwork to present and discuss leading examples of how tradi-tional/indigenous medicine (TM) is used as primary healthcare (PHC) – or first point of contact – for diverse international communities. For the past 30 years, TM has been identified by policy-makers such as the WHO as essential for successful(More)
The synthesis of seco-D and D-homo digitalis derivatives, from the carda-14,20(22)-dienolide 1, is described. Selective ozonolysis gave the seco-D 14-ketoaldehyde 2a. Modification of the two carbonyl groups and of the alpha, beta-unsaturated lactone ring of the seco-D 14-ketoaldehyde 2a allowed preparation of derivatives with a broad range of binding(More)