Marco Torchiano

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Test-driven development (TDD) is based on formalizing a piece of functionality as a test, implementing the functionality such that the test passes, and iterating the process. This paper describes a controlled experiment for evaluating an important aspect of TDD: in TDD, programmers write functional tests before the corresponding implementation code. The(More)
In recent years, several design notations have been proposed to model domain-specific applications or reference architectures. In particular, Conallen has proposed the UML Web Application Extension (WAE): a UML extension to model Web applications. The aim of our empirical investigation is to test whether the usage of the Conallen notation supports(More)
The paper describes a systematic approach for automatically introducing data and code redundancy into an existing program written using a high-level language. The transformations aim at making the program able to detect most of the soft-errors affecting data and code, independently of the Error Detection Mechanisms (EDMs) possibly implemented by the(More)
Starting with the aim of modernizing legacy systems, often written in old programming languages, reverse engineering has extended its applicability to virtually every kind of software system. Moreover, the methods originally designed to recover a diagrammatic, high-level view of the target system have been extended to address several other problems faced by(More)
Over the last years, an increasing number of safetycritical tasks have been demanded to computer systems. In particular, safety-critical computer-based applications are hitting market area where cost is a major issue, and thus solutions are required which conjugate fault tolerance with low costs. In this paper, a source-to-source compiler supporting a(More)
Proponents of design notations tailored for specific application domains or reference architectures, often available in the form of UML stereotypes, motivate them by improved understandability and modifiability. However, empirical studies that tested such claims report contradictory results, where the most intuitive notations are not always the best(More)
Component-based software engineering (CBSE) with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) or open source software (OSS) components are more and more frequently being used in industrial software development. We therefore need to issue experience-based guidelines for the evaluation, selection and integration of such components. We have performed a survey on industrial(More)