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The dendritic localization of mRNAs and their subsequent translation at stimulated synapses contributes to the experience-dependent remodeling of synapses and thereby to the establishment of long-term memory. Localized mRNAs are transported in a translationally silent manner to distal dendrites in specific ribonucleoprotein particles (RNPs), termed(More)
Transport of RNAs to dendrites occurs in neuronal RNA granules, which allows local synthesis of specific proteins at active synapses on demand, thereby contributing to learning and memory. To gain insight into the machinery controlling dendritic mRNA localization and translation, we established a stringent protocol to biochemically purify RNA granules from(More)
Very often, developmental abnormalities or subtle disturbances of neuronal function may yield brain diseases even if they become obvious only late in life. It is therefore our intention to highlight fundamental mechanisms of neuronal cell biology with a special emphasis on dendritic mRNA localization including local protein synthesis at the activated(More)
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