Marco Tarifeño

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Network virtualization is considered one of the key technologies to provide the flexibility and isolation that cloud computing services require. In this paper, new algorithms for efficient virtual network provisioning over muti-line rate networks, with fixed-grid and flexible grid, are proposed. Both algorithms aim at efficiently use the resources of the(More)
Existing methods for handling routing and dimensioning in dynamic WDM networks solve the two problems separately. The main drawback of this approach is that a global minimum cost solution cannot be guaranteed. Given that wavelengths are costly resources, determining the minimum network cost is of fundamental importance. We propose an approach which jointly(More)
In this paper we formulate an integer programming model to solve the problem of dimensioning a dynamic WDM optical network taking into account the link capacity as well as the number of transmitters and receivers required in each node. Previous work has only considered the dimensioning of links. The objective function is minimizing the network cost as a(More)
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