Marco Tanello

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INTRODUCTION We present the method of pedicle labial urethroplasty for urethral reconstruction in female patients treated for urethral strictures. PATIENTS AND METHODS We performed urethral reconstruction using a pedicle labial flap in 2 female patients (23 and 70 years old) for urethral stricture (posttraumatic and postinflammatory origin). We used as a(More)
Fracture of the penis during intercourse is a relatively uncommon condition. We report a rare case with laceration of bilateral corpora cavernosa and associated complete urethral rupture. The patient underwent immediate surgical repair of the penile fracture with primary urethroplasty. After 1 year follow-up he presents excellent results with normal sexual(More)
Bladder myofibroblastic inflammatory tumors are rare benign proliferative lesions that can simulate both urothelial and connective tissue malign neoplasms, making a preoperative diagnosis nearly impossible. Conservative treatment appears to be curative, even though local recurrences have been reported, and so malignancy should be ruled out above all by(More)
PURPOSE A retrospective study was done to analyze late urological complications following curative radiotherapy of primary gynecological carcinomas. METHODS From 1990 to 2000, 167 patients with primary gynecological cancer treated with external radiotherapy or intracavitary applications were observed. During the follow-up, all signs, symptoms and therapy(More)
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