Marco Stellini

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The implementation of multidimensional systems in embedded devices is a major design challenge due to the high algorithmic complexity of the applications. The authors suggest a novel application-level synthesis methodology for those parts of the embedded application which are characterized by being Lebesgue measurable (the computation involved in signal and(More)
Introduction or upgrades of digital Power Line Carrier (PLC) communication networks often require a new assessment of relevant power line features. This paper outlines an effective approach for measurement of the most important parameters in a PLC channel, which exploits advances in digital oscilloscope technology and software postprocessing of acquired(More)
A simple, well-established (although in applications different from electromagnetic compatibility), amenable to direct interpretation, and inexpensive method for the time-domain characterization of the measurement systems used for the calibration of the standard impulse generators for immunity tests is presented. The validity and general applicability of(More)
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