Marco Stefani

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Understanding the complex mechanisms regulating gene expression at the transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels is one of the greatest challenges of the post-genomic era. The MoD (MOtif Discovery) Tools web server comprises a set of tools for the discovery of novel conserved sequence and structure motifs in nucleotide sequences, motifs that in turn(More)
Futuremachines such as the Electron Ion Collider (MEIC), linac-ring machines (eRHIC) or LHeC are particularly sensitive to beam-beam effects. This is the limiting factor for long-term stability and high luminosity reach. The complexity of the non-linear dynamics makes it challenging to perform such simulations typically requiring millions of turns. Until(More)
Capillary zone electrophoresis was used to show the coupling between NH2-terminated poly(ethylene oxide) and oligomers of lactic acid activated by transforming carboxyl chain ends to acyl chloride ones. The demonstration was based on the use of fused-silica capillary physically modified by pre-adsorption of polycations in the reversed polarity mode. As(More)
We address the task of detecting surprising patterns in large textual data streams. These can reveal events in the real world when the data streams are generated by online news media, emails, Twitter feeds, movie subtitles, scientific publications, and more. The volume of interest in such text streams often exceeds human capacity for analysis, such that(More)
The understanding of the carbonate platform reservoirs can be improved through the comparative analysis of outcropping analogous, such as the Triassic ones from the Italian Dolomites (Fig. 1). The study of the different platform generations outcropping in this region is particularly worthy in clarifying the dynamic relationships between the changing(More)
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