Marco Spilotros

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INTRODUCTION The number of overweight and obese patients undergoing renal transplantation has increased dramatically over the past two decades. Studies on graft survival and posttransplantation complications have often yielded conflicting results. Some authors have reported similar results for graft and patient survivals between obese and normal weight(More)
Female urethral diverticula are rare, benign epithelium-lined outpouchings of the female urethra. Patients can present with a multitude of symptoms, most commonly urinary incontinence, recurrent UTIs and dyspareunia. These presenting symptoms are often confused with other diagnoses leading to delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis. Diagnosis and preoperative(More)
INTRODUCTION The implantation of penile prostheses is an effective option for treating erectile dysfunction (ED), and nowadays it is used to treat those cases where pharmacological agents have not provided a useful result. AIMS The primary aim of the present study was to verify the patient and their partner's satisfaction, in 80 patients who underwent AMS(More)
Penile prosthesis implantation is recognized as a valid option to obtain an artificial erection satisfactory for sexual intercourse in those patients in which a pharmacological approach is contraindicated or ineffective. Penile prostheses are subbject to continuous development and they are achieving ever better mechanical reliability and safety. The devices(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE What factors influence transgender men's decisions to undergo (and to not undergo) specific genital gender confirming surgeries (GCS) has not been described in the literature. Sexual function outcomes related to clitoral transposition and penile prosthesis placement is also not well described. Durability of neophallus dimensions after(More)
Donor and recipient gender influence on post-transplant kidney and patient survival is still controversial, and the literature data do not present unanimous conclusions. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of gender disparities between donor and recipient in 963 kidney transplants performed at our center from January 2000 to December 2010. The(More)
To assess the indications, morbidity, efficacy and outcomes of Martius fat pad (MFP) interposition in reconstructive female urology. Data on 159 women with MFP interposition as part of their primary procedure between 2 September 2005 and 2 July 2015 were prospectively collected. Patient demographics and the indications for MFP interposition along with the(More)
OBJECTIVES This study is intended to assess variation of sexual function in 222 patient at different treatment stages of prostate cancer with the aid of a validated questionnaire in comparison with patients diagnosed with a benign lesion. The questionnaire covers the period before carrying out prostate biopsy, the disclosure of histological examination, and(More)
OBJECTIVE Aim of this study was to evaluate the semen quality and the serum concentration of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and Testosterone (T) in infertile patients with and without varicocele. MATERIAL AND METHODS 365 infertile patients undergoing Assisted Reproduction Tecnique (ART) were retrospectively included in the study. All subject were(More)
PURPOSE We report our experience with total phallic construction using the radial artery forearm free flap in patients with bladder/cloacal exstrophy and micropenis-epispadias complex. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed notes on the 16 patients with bladder/cloacal exstrophy and micropenis-epispadias complex treated with total phallic(More)