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Potassium bromide again is well known to be surprisingly effective in patients with severe myoclonic epilepsy in infants (SME). Rare side effects on the skin reappeared, such as the febrile nodular panniculitis (Weber-Christian syndrome). In 1993 we described the first three cases of necrotizing panniculitis and introduced the term 'halogen panniculitis'.(More)
The severely resorbed maxilla presents serious limitations for conventional implant placement. As a result, different techniques have been developed in the last two decades, with variable results. The most significant approaches comprise the placement of implants in anatomical abutments, elevation of the sinus floor, and reconstructive surgery with bone(More)
The skull presents a series of dense bony buttresses that conform a protective frame around the different craniofacial cavities. The middle third portion presents two anterior buttresses (frontomaxillary and frontozygomatic) and a posterior buttress (pterygomaxillary). In certain situations these structural supports allow the rehabilitation of free upper(More)
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