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The main problem in dealing with energy-harvesting (EH) sensor nodes is represented by the scarcity and non-stationarity of powering, due to the nature of the renewable energy sources. In this work, the authors address the problem of task scheduling in processors located in sensor nodes powered by EH sources. Some interesting solutions have appeared in the(More)
—In the area of Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM), many approaches need a supervised procedure of appliance modelling, in order to provide the informations about the appliances to the disaggregation algorithm and to obtain the disaggregated consumptions related to each one of them. In many approaches, the appliance modelling relies on the consumption(More)
In the last few years, due to the technological improvement of advanced metering infrastructures, water and natural gas grids can be regarded as smart-grids, similarly to power ones. However, considering the number of studies related to the application of computational intelligence to distribution grids, the gap between power grids and water/gas grids is(More)