Marco Serrago

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BACKGROUND In the present study we compared the clinical value of two new specific tests for transitional cell carcinoma, urinary nuclear matrix protein (NMP22) levels and bladder tumor antigen (BTA) test, with that of urinary cytology in the follow-up of patients with superficial bladder cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS Hundred and five bladder cancer(More)
INTRODUCTION Standardized methods of reporting complications after radical cystectomy (RC) and urinary diversions (UD) are necessary to evaluate the morbidity associated with this operation to evaluate the modified Clavien classification system (CCS) in grading perioperative complications of RC and UD in a real life cohort of patients with bladder cancer.(More)
The effect of citrus fruit juice ingestion on the risk of calcium oxalate stone formation is still debated. The present study was undertaken to investigate changes in urinary stone risk factors after administration of a soft drink containing grapefruit juice. Seven healthy subjects, with no history of kidney stones, were submitted to an acute oral load (20(More)
The access to the collecting system can be performed under fluoroscopy computerized tomography, ultrasonographic, mixed ultrasonographic and fluoroscopic guidance. In this paper the creation of a percutaneous transparenchymal ultrasound-fluoroscopy guided access to the intrarenal collecting system completely performed by urologist for different purposes is(More)
22 pts treated by radical perineal prostatectomy have been submitted to pelvic floor training soon after catheter removal, in order to assess faster continence reappraisal than that normally described in literature. 18 pts resulted dry within 4 months from surgical care. 2 pts resulted with stabilized mild stress incontinence due to daytime activity within(More)
Sommario In questo lavoro si introducono le attività sperimentali finalizzate alla realizzazione di un servizio per la ricerca della modulistica pubblicata dalle Pubbliche Amministrazioni (PA) italiane sui propri siti istituzionali e condotte nell’ambito del progetto pubblico “ il motore della PA digitale”. In tale contesto la necessità di(More)
A 78-year-old man admitted to our hospital with signs and symptoms of right ventricular failure, consisting of severe edema of the scrotum and the penis, ankle edema, hepatomegaly, and a history of asthenia associated with a recent weight loss. Two-dimensional echocardiography showed an intracavitary mass in the right atrium and a moderate pericardial(More)
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