Marco Sagnelli

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UNLABELLED High-resolution (17 MHz) color-Doppler ultrasound (US) is used in the evaluation of normal and pathological skin. To analyze retrospectively the sonographic pattern of healthy skin and of some skin lesions using Doppler US and to compare the results with dermoscopy examination and histology to identify specific patterns of ultrasound for(More)
Transmural migrated retained sponges usually impact at the level of the ileo-cecal valve leading to a small bowel obstruction. Once passed through the ileo-cecal valve, a retained sponge can be propelled forward by peristaltic activity and eliminated with feces. We report the case of a 52-year-old female with a past surgical history and recurrent episodes(More)
The authors point out the possible relationship between the biochemical and immunological components of nasal mucus in subjects affected by allergic rhinitis and/or olfactory disorders. Fifty seven subjects (33 F, 24 M) aged between 19 and 73 years, (median age 65 SD 14.60) were studied. Twenty seven of them were normosmic affected by allergic rhinitis and(More)
Lipofilling technique is significantly increasing and the need of a non-invasive method to assess the success of the procedure is becoming mandatory. In particular, US can be considered an alternative method to MRI for evaluation of tissue lipofilling due to the simplicity and easy access of the technique and can be also used for monitoring the efficacy of(More)
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