Marco S Spehl

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Since 2009, more than 140 different synthetic cannabinoids (SC) have been identified in herbal mixtures consumed as recreational drugs. Knowledge of the acute toxicity of each individual compound remains sparse. Here we present a retrospective observational case series of patients presenting to emergency departments with analytically confirmed intake of(More)
CONTEXT Repaglinide is a short-acting insulin secretagogue with high interindividual variability in pharmacokinetics due to genetic polymorphisms. Little is known about repaglinide overdoses, both with respect to pharmacokinetics and appropriate management. Given its short serum half-life of less than 1 h, hypoglycemic effects of repaglinide are expected to(More)
mTOR inhibitors have a wide spectrum of therapeutic applications in adults and children. Little is known, however, about serious adverse effects in children undergoing mTOR inhibitor therapy. Oral ulcers are common and sometimes severe, but no other gastrointestinal involvement has been reported so far. Here we present a case of everolimus-associated(More)
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