Marco S. G. Senaldi

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English. We present a method to explore semantic change as a function of variation in distributional semantic spaces. In this paper we apply this approach to automatically identify the areas of semantic change in the lexicon of Ancient Greek between the pre-Christian and Christian era. Distributional Semantic Models are used to identify meaningful clusters(More)
This work introduces SYMPAThy, a data representation model in which the combinatorial properties of a lexical item are described by merging surface and deeper linguistic information. The proposed approach is then evaluated by comparing, for a sample list of verbal idioms, a set of SYMPAThy-based fixedness indexes against the relevant speaker-elicited(More)
The goal of this research is to investigate whether we can take advantage of the syntactic and lexical fixedness of idiomatic expressions to devise corpus-based indices of idiomaticity and compositionality and whether these measures can actually predict human ratings of idiom syntactic flexibility. First of all we describe a method for automatically(More)
English. In this work we employed a set of 26 Italian noun-adjective expressions to test compositionality indices that compare the distributional vector of an expression with the vectors of its lexical variants. These were obtained by replacing the components of the original expression with semantically related words. Our indices performed comparably or(More)