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Synchronous collaborative navigation is a form of social navigation where users virtually share a web browser. In this paper, we present a symmetric, proxy-based architecture where each user can take the lead and guide others in visiting web sites, without the need for a special browser or other software. We show how we have applied this scheme to a(More)
In this paper we propose an approach to lightweight acquisition, sharing and annotation of experience-based corpora via mobile devices. Corpora acquisition is the crucial and often costly process in speech and language science and engineering. To address this problem, we have built a system for creating a location based corpora annotated with multi-media(More)
Early estimation of the size of a software product is extremely important. In this paper we analyze two software packages developed by a CMM level 3 software firm. We study if any property of analysis objects can be used to infer the size of the final code in an object-oriented environment. In both cases we find the number of methods well correlated with(More)
The International Workshop on Analytics on Video-based Learning (WAVe2013) aims to connect research efforts on Video-based Learning with Learning Analytics to create visionary ideas and foster synergies between the two fields. The main objective of WAVe is to build a research community around the topical area of Analytics on video-based learning. In(More)
Proper reuse of learning objects depends both on the amount and quality of attached semantic metadata such as " learning objective " ', " related concept " , etc. Manually expressing such metadata is a time consuming and expensive task.. Here we present an approach based on a probabilistic model, which through the automatic classification of learning(More)