Marco Rogowski

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It is demonstrated that J connectivity between amide protons and hydrogen-bond-accepting carbonyl carbons can be observed in perdeuterated human ubiquitin. A selective pulse scheme is used to detect these small 2hJHC' interactions in the presence of the much larger through-covalent-bond 2JHC' and 3JHC' couplings. The ratio of the observed through-H-bond(More)
In the present paper, fundamental issues related to the mechanisms of human red blood cells' physiological water exchange with the plasma (for the stationary conditions) have been discussed. It has been demonstrated, on the basis of mechanistic transport equations for membrane transport that red blood cells are capable of exchanging considerable amounts of(More)
Typically, protein dynamics involve a complex hierarchy of motions occurring on different time scales between conformations separated by a range of different energy barriers. NMR relaxation can in principle provide a site-specific picture of both the time scales and amplitudes of these motions, but independent relaxation rates sensitive to fluctuations in(More)
A new method for synthesis of uranium oxide microspheres (diameter \100 lm) has been developed. It is a variant of our patented Complex Sol–Gel Process, which has been used to synthesize high-quality powders of a wide variety of complex oxides. Starting uranyl-nitrate-ascorbate sols were prepared by addition of ascorbic acid to uranyl nitrate hexahydrate(More)
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