Marco Rigatelli

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The authors developed a screening instrument to detect patients in need of complex care coordination at admission to a general hospital. On the basis of a series of risk factors for care complexity, the authors constructed a short, care complexity prediction instrument (COMPRI) and assessed its qualities. The COMPRI is an easily administered screening(More)
The nuclear envelope represents a structural and functional barrier between cytoplasm and nucleoplasm. Small molecules and solutes passively cross the nuclear envelope, whereas the transport of large proteins and RNA requires metabolic energy. Using in situ Xenopus oocyte nuclei, we characterized ATP-dependent ionic permeabilities on the external surface of(More)
To report on the effects on health that the 2008 Great Recession is producing in Italy, by comparing the consistency of Italian data with general observations reported in the scientific literature, and by pointing out consequences on the rates of all-cause mortality, cardiovascular mortality, male suicidal behaviours, daytime alcohol drinking and traffic(More)
The aim of this study was to translate the Attribution Questionnaire-27 (AQ-27) to the Italian language (AQ-27-I), and to examine the reliability and validity of this new Italian version. The questionnaire was translated using the standard translation/back-translation method. Cronbach’s alpha and intraclass coefficients were used to estimate instrument(More)
The reported findings of the European Consultation-Liaison Workgroup (ECLW) Collaborative Study describe consultation-liaison service delivery by 56 services from 11 European countries aggregated on a C-L service level. During the period of 1 year (1991), the participants applied a standardized, reliability tested method of patient data collection, and data(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the validity of the Italian translation of the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI) by Newman et al. in order to make this self-report measure of perceived tinnitus handicap available both for clinical and research purposes in our country and to contribute to its cross-cultural validation as a self-report measure of(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the patterns of organization of consultation-liaison (C-L) services in 11 European countries in relation to hospital characteristics and national approaches to C-L psychiatry. METHOD Cross-sectional survey. RESULTS Services can best be described in terms of their size and seniority of their staff and whether or not they are(More)
OBJECTIVE Vertigo is an extremely debilitating experience for the patient, especially during attacks; it is neither easy to identify nor control. The importance of psychosomatic factors has already been widely studied and discussed. In particular, it has been shown that stress factors are relevant in setting off episodes of dizziness, but there is no(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to assess the presence of demoralization and major depression in the setting of medical disease. METHOD 807 consecutive outpatients recruited from different medical settings (gastroenterology, cardiology, endocrinology, and oncology) were assessed according to DSM-IV criteria and Diagnostic Criteria for Psychosomatic(More)
BACKGROUND Anxiety, mild depression and somatization are common in primary care (PC). Several studies have suggested that they may play a role in causing an excessive use of health care services, especially when combined with medical morbidity. The present case-control study explored how psychiatric and psychosomatic diagnoses and perceived quality of life(More)