Marco Richter

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Accurate prediction of the potential hepatotoxic nature of new pharmaceuticals remains highly challenging. Therefore, novel in vitro models with improved external validity are needed to investigate hepatic metabolism and timely identify any toxicity of drugs in humans. In this study, we examined the effects of diclofenac, as a model substance with a known(More)
Increasing numbers of human cowpox virus infections that are being observed and that particularly affect young non-vaccinated persons have renewed interest in this zoonotic disease. Usually causing a self-limiting local infection, human cowpox can in fact be fatal for immunocompromised individuals. Conventional smallpox vaccination presumably protects an(More)
Estrogen sulfamates are promising hormones by oral administration. Therefore, generally applicable and convenient methods for the multigram synthesis of these derivatives are desirable. Numerous estra-1,3,5(10)-trienes derived from estrone, estradiol. 14 alpha,15 alpha-methylenestradiol, ethinylestradiol, and estriol have been esterified with sulfamoyl(More)
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