Marco Quartuccio

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The association of cryptorchidism, functional Sertoli cell tumors, and spermatic cord torsion has been rarely reported in the literature. Two dogs were admitted for bilateral skin alopecia and weight loss. Both animals were cryptorchid and displayed a pendulous preputial sheath, prostate hypertrophy, and increased levels of circulating oestrogen.(More)
During early post-partum period both neonatal foals and peripartum mares are most susceptible to diseases. The aim of this study was to establish physiologic modifications of leukogram during the first month after foaling in mares and their newborn foals. To this end blood samples were collected from nine mares and nine foals (T0-T10), every three days from(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the anti-nociceptive and sedative effects of slow intravenous (IV) injection of tramadol, romifidine, or a combination of both drugs in ponies. STUDY DESIGN Within-subject blinded. ANIMALS Twenty ponies (seven male, 13 female, weighing mean ± SD 268.0 ± 128 kg). METHODS On separate occasions, each pony received one of the(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge of hematologic function in postparturient mares and foals is crucial for the monitoring of their health status and for the prompt diagnosis of pathologic conditions. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate erythrocyte osmotic fragility (EOF) and select hematologic variables in mares and their foals during the first month(More)
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