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Recent research agrees on the utility of fuzzy reasoning for the development of Decision Support Systems, which help to classify clinical data. In this context, methods or techniques for representing fuzzy terms in the form of interpretable fuzzy sets obtained from numerical data are strongly required. Typically, in medical settings, statistical data are(More)
In fuzzy Decision Support Systems, methods are strongly required for eliciting knowledge in the form of interpretable fuzzy sets from numerical data. In medical settings, statistical data are often available, or can be obtained from rough data, typically in the form of probability distributions. Moreover, since physicians are used to think and work(More)
Question Classification is one of the key tasks of Cognitive Systems based on the Question Answering paradigm. It aims at identifying the type of the possible answer for a question expressed in natural language. Machine learning techniques are typically employed for this task, and exploit a high number of features extracted from labelled questions of(More)
In head-and-neck radiotherapy, an early detection of patients who will undergo parotid glands shrinkage during the treatment is of primary importance, since this condition has been found to be associated with acute toxicity. In this work, a recently proposed approach, here named Likelihood-Fuzzy Analysis, based on both statistical learning and Fuzzy Logic,(More)