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Many science and engineering courses contain substantial mathematical content. In addition, the rapid development of online learning, in both traditional and Web-based courses, and the ubiquitous presence of laptop computing, is placing increased demands on students to enter mathematical expressions into a computer. Furthermore, it is often required that(More)
Rapid growth in mobile computing has given rise to a dramatic evolution in communication tools that have the potential to transform the educational experience. Because of the complexities of mathematical communication, however, progress towards the realization of that potential has been particularly slow in the mathematical sciences. We are addressing this(More)
This paper studies a new randomized quasi-Monte Carlo method for estimating the mean and variance of the Pareto distribution. In many Monte Carlo simulations, there are some stability problems for estimating the population Pareto variance by using the sample variance. In this paper, we propose a randomized quasi-random number generator [quasi-RNG] to(More)
—In this paper, we explore the applicability of the Sinc-Collocation method to a three-dimensional (3D) oceanography model. The model describes a wind-driven current with depth-dependent eddy viscosity in the complex-velocity system. In general, the Sinc-based methods excel over other traditional numerical methods due to their exponentially decaying errors,(More)
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