Marco Pino

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This article reports on a study focusing on the inclusion of students with dyslexia in higher education (HE). A systematic review was carried out to retrieve, critically appraise and synthesize the available evidence on how the inclusion of students with dyslexia can be fostered in HE. The 15 studies included in the final synthesis employed descriptive(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine how palliative medicine doctors engage patients in end-of-life (hereon, EoL) talk. To examine whether the practice of "eliciting and responding to cues", which has been widely advocated in the EoL care literature, promotes EoL talk. DESIGN Conversation analysis of video- and audio-recorded consultations. PARTICIPANTS Unselected(More)
PURPOSE In this article, we contribute to the debate on medication compliance by exploring the conversational "technologies" entailed in the process of promoting clients' adherence to psychopharmacological prescriptions. Using a case study approach, we explore how medication-related problems are dealt with in conversational interaction between the staff(More)
Many technology-based products and services have proven to be successful in supporting older adults with cognitive disorders in regard to health and social care, safety, and independent living. However, several barriers to effective design, assessment and provision of assistive technologies in this context have been identified over the last years (e.g.,(More)
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