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The purpose of this work is to apply the global molecular interaction evaluation ("Glob-MolInE") computational protocol to the study of two molecular complexes characterized by a chiral selector and a couple of enantiomeric selectands experimentally known to give large difference in the free energy of complexation much higher than the experimental error(More)
The necessity to create products and services qualified in terms of Environmental Sustainability is more and more growing in Europe, as in the other parts of the world. On this general assumption, it is important to develop an environmental methodology, matching the CAD/3D modelling tools, the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) tools and the EcoDesign guidelines.(More)
This study presents a triggering algorithm for a collaborative, motorcycle-to-car collision avoidance system that slows down the car without input of the driver when the collision becomes imminent. The algorithm is based on the concept of inevitable state collisions. Example applications of the proposed algorithm were obtained via 2D computer simulations(More)
Artemisinin or qinghaosu has now largely given way to the more potent dihydroartemisinin (DHA, 1) and its derivatives in the treatment of drug-resistant malaria, in combination with other classical antimalarial drugs. DHA is obtained by NaBH(4) reduction of artemisinin and contains a stereochemically labile center at C-10, which provided two lactol(More)
Since its identification in the early 1970s, artemisinin, as well as semi-synthetic derivatives and synthetic trioxanes, have been used in malaria therapy. Reduction of artemisinin by NaBH4 produced dihydroartemisinin (DHA), and yielded a new stereochemically labile centre at C-10, which, in turn, provided two interconverting lactol hemiacetal epimers(More)
The problem of damping representation and measurement is investigated. Among the many parameters found in literature, the most comprehensive is loss factor 'l· Several definitions of '7 are feasible, but in linear problems they all should reduce to the ratio of the in-phase and quadrature parts of the associated complex modulus. This work surveys measuring(More)
This paper presents a method to identify inevitable collision states (ICS) specifically for a motorcycle when interacting with an opponent passenger car in typical traffic scenarios. Previous ICS methods were applied to passenger cars or generic vehicles; however, the peculiarities of motorcycles urge the definition of specific methods for these vehicles.(More)
BACKGROUND In the metropolitan area of Florence, 62% of major traumas involve powered two wheeler rider and pillion passengers, 10% cyclists, and 7% pedestrians. The urban and extra-urban areas are the most dangerous for the vulnerable road user. In-depth investigations are needed for assessing detailed information on road accidents. This type of study has(More)