Marco Pegoraro

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We investigated the role of c-Kit and the membrane-bound ligand (mbKitL) in endothelial progenitor cell (EPC) recruitment by microvascular endothelial cells (ECs). We demonstrated that inflammatory activation induced the expression of the mbKitL on ECs both in vitro and in vivo, and that recruitment of EPCs depended on c-Kit/mbKitL interaction. Depletion of(More)
An increasing body of evidence suggests a role for the immune system in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia. The information concerning the effects of antipsychotics on cytokine profiles are limited and often controversial in particular regarding novel antipsychotics. The authors first investigated the production of various cytokines [interleukin (IL)-2,(More)
Apple (Malus×domestica Borkh) fruits are stored for long periods of time at low temperatures (1 °C) leading to the occurrence of physiological disorders. 'Superficial scald' of Granny Smith apples, an economically important ethylene-dependent disorder, was used as a model to study relationships among ethylene action, the regulation of the ROP-GAP rheostat,(More)
NASA and the international community are investing in the development of a commercial transportation infrastructure that includes the increased use of rotorcraft, specifically helicopters and civil tilt rotors. However, there is significant concern over the impact of noise on the communities surrounding the transportation facilities. One way to address the(More)
Muon tomography has been recently proposed by a Los Alamos research group [1]. Some proponents of this abstract built and operated the first large volume prototype of muon tomography [2] and based on the results obtained participated to a request for European funding, that was granted in the Mu-Steel project [3]. The project started in July 2010 and(More)
AIMS To evaluate the quality of acute psychiatric care concerning the management of violent behaviour and rapid tranquilization. METHODS Data concerning 13 indicators, drawn from NICE recommendations, were collected in 19 Departments of Mental Health, in the frame of the SIEP-DIRECT'S Project, to evaluate the implementation of NICE recommendations in(More)
In an analysis of multihadronic events recorded at LEP by DELPHI in the years 1992 through 1994, charged hadrons are identiied using the measurement of their energy loss and their Cherenkov angle. Rapidity correlations of-, proton-proton, and-proton pairs are compared. The agreement with the string and cluster fragmentation models is tested. For those pairs(More)
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