Marco Panella

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BACKGROUND Primary (idiopathic) pulmonary hypertension is a progressive, fatal disease. Conventional therapy with anticoagulant and vasodilator drugs may improve symptoms and survival among selected patients, but there is no evidence that the disease can be reversed. METHODS We evaluated the effects of long-term therapy (i.e., for more than one year) with(More)
The increasing use of System Area Network (SAN) demands efficient communication to benefit of SAN features through a direct access to network resources and avoiding kernel intervention in communication path. Recently, a consortium composed by Microsoft, Compaq and Intel authored a new standard, the Virtual Interface Architecture (VIA), designed to reduce(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of patients with secondary pulmonary hypertension has been unsatisfactory. OBJECTIVE To describe exercise capacity, functional class, and hemodynamic variables after long-term intravenous infusion of prostacyclin in patients with secondary pulmonary hypertension. DESIGN Case series. SETTING Academic referral center. PATIENTS 33(More)
AIM To evaluate the effects of the combination of d-chiro-inositol (DCI) and alpha lipoic acid on menses and metabolic disorders in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). METHODS Forty-six women (26 study group subjects and 20 controls) of reproductive age with PCOS according to Rotterdam criteria were enrolled in this prospective study. Fasting(More)
To exclude a neuromuscular denervation damage due to prosthetic mini-invasive surgery using transobturator tape (TOT) by pre and postoperative electromyography (EMG) of the striated urethral sphincter. Seventeen women with SUI were enrolled by urogynecologic and urodynamic examination. Each of them underwent EMG of striated urethral sphincter performed by(More)
OBJECTIVE Stüve-Wiedemann Syndrome (SWS; MIM 601 559) is an autosomal-recessive syndrome characterized by myotonia with mask-like face, skeletal dysplasia and intrauterine growth restriction. Other clinical findings are pursed mouth, hypoplastic midface, congenital contractures and muscular hypotonia. We discuss about the importance of prenatal diagnosis in(More)
Menopause is a physiological event of women's life that is the end of menstrual cycles and the end of the fertile period. Normally the age at which women reach menopause is between 50 and 52 years, as the world average. Menopause occurs when the functional ovarian reserve is exhausted or can be induced by surgical removal of the ovaries. What follows,(More)
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