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This work reports the experience on the design and deployment of a WSN-based system for monitoring the productive cycle of high-quality wine in a Sicilian winery. Besides providing the means for pervasive monitoring of the cultivated area, the project described here is aimed to support the producer in ensuring the overall quality of their production, in(More)
Reliable random number generation is crucial for many available security algorithms, and some of the methods presented in literature proposed to generate them based on measurements collected from the physical environment, in order to ensure true randomness. However the effectiveness of such methods can be compromised if an attacker is able to gain access to(More)
This paper describes a routing protocol for enhanced robustness in IEEE 802.15.4-based sensor networks, which also addresses typical MAC layer issues, including power management, synchronization and link reliability. The algorithm uses a single-path strategy in error-free scenarios and resorts to using alternative paths when communication errors are(More)
Article Accepted version It is advisable to refer to the publisher's version if you intend to cite from the work. Abstract Ambient Intelligence systems are typically characterized by the use of pervasive equipment for monitoring and modifying the environment according to users' needs, and to globally defined constraints. Our work describes the(More)
The design of a wireless sensor network is a challenging task due to its intrinsically application-specific nature.Although a typical choice for testing such kind of networks requires devising ad-hoc testbeds, this is often impractical asit depends on expensive, and hard to maintain deployment of nodes. On the other hand, simulation is a valuable option, as(More)
In recent years, reduction of energy consumption in buildings has increasingly gained interest among researchers mainly due to practical reasons, such as economic advantages and long-term environmental sustainability. Many solutions have been proposed in the literature to address this important issue from complementary perspectives, which are often hard to(More)
This paper describes an on-going work aimed at designing and deploying a system for the surveillance and monitoring of an archaeological site, namely the "Valley of the Temples" in Agrigento, Italy. Given the relevance of the site from an artistical and historical point of view, it is important to protect the monuments from malicious or simply incautious(More)
Energy efficiency has nowadays become one of the most challenging task for both academic and commercial organizations, and this has boosted research on novel fields, such as Ambient Intelligence. In this paper we address the issue of timely and ubiquitous monitoring of building complexes in order to optimize their energy consumption, and present an(More)