Marco Neubert

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The implementation of adaptation actions in local conservation management is a new and complex task with multiple facets, influenced by factors differing from site to site. A transdisciplinary perspective is therefore required to identify and implement effective solutions. To address this, the International Conference on Managing Protected Areas under(More)
Energy metabolism and some performance parameters were investigated in laying hens of 3 different body weight-genotypes: 6 x 7 (normal-sized, crossbred from normal-sized male and female lines, group 1), 47 x 38 (dwarf-sized, breeding from a dwarf-sized male line and a normal-sized female line, group 2) and 44 x 47 (dwarf-sized, breeding from dwarf-sized(More)
The use of a central one-third patellar tendon as a substitute for a damaged cruciate ligament has grown in popularity in recent years. 15 patients undergoing physical check-ups were examined clinically and with the aid of ultrasound imaging on both knees 2 years after the operation. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate changes of the patellar(More)
Out of 270 arthroscopies performed in the Sports Clinic in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt in 1987 and 1988, 317 (11.5%) were done because of hemarthrosis of the knee after an acute trauma. Besides ruptures of the anterior cruciate ligament and synovial ruptures, in 53 cases (16.4%) acute patellar dislocation was found. These were only the first dislocations. Most,(More)
Sporadic lymphosarcomas in adult cattle are rare entities with an unknown etiology. This case report describes the course of the disease in a 3.5-year-old cow of the breed German Holstein, which was presented to the veterinarian due to multifocal nodular skin lesions. Several superficial lymph nodes (Lymphonodi mandibulares, parotidei and mammariae) were(More)
Primarily due to the progresses in spatial resolution of satellite imagery, the methods of segmentbased image analysis for generating and updating geographical information are becoming more and more important. In the studies of Neubert and Meinel (2003), Meinel and Neubert (2004) and Neubert et al. (2006) the capabilities of available segmentation programs(More)
Energy balances of cocks and chickens were measured using the nitrogen-carbon-balance method. In Experiment 1 twelve adult White Leghorn cocks were fed alternately on a basal ration or on a supplemental ration composed of 75% basal diet and 25% carbohydrate source as a supplement. In Experiment 2 six groups of 12 male broiler chickens were fed successively(More)
Motivation and objectives. Within a growing Europe, national boundaries are increasingly losing influence while national interests and challenges are extending to cross-border issues. Harmonised spatial base data are an essential precondition for different integrative cross-border activities, such as (spatial) planning, traffic, environmental protection,(More)