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Ground glass opacities management in the lung cancer screening era.
Pulmonary ground glass opacity (GGO) is becoming an important clinical dilemma in oncology as its diagnosis in clinical practice is increasing due to the introduction of low dose computed tomographyExpand
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99mTechnetium and methylene blue guided pulmonary nodules resections: preliminary British experience.
Background Subcentimetre pulmonary nodules can be challenging to locate either during video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) or by open techniques. In an era of increasing computed tomographyExpand
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Precision surgery in lung metastasectomy.
The value of pulmonary metastasis (PM) resection in the context of controlled primary tumor sites was shown to improve survival of patients if complete resection could be achieved. The surgeon'sExpand
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Chronic diseases are strongly associated with sickness absences in a sample of Italian public employees
ObjectivesData on the prevalence of chronic diseases and their relationship with sickness absence in the Italian public employees are rather scarce. Therefore, in the first place, we assessed theExpand
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Microlobectomy: A Novel Form of Endoscopic Lobectomy
Objective Microlobectomy is a novel form of videoscopic-assisted thoracic surgery lobectomy. Strict inclusion criteria consist of the following: no intercostal incisions greater than 5 mm, 12 mmExpand
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Medical student exposure to cardiothoracic surgery in the United Kingdom.
OBJECTIVES There has been declining interest in cardiothoracic surgery amongst medical graduates. This survey examines the exposure of British medical students to cardiothoracic surgery in variousExpand
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rheumatic inflammatory disease in 25 patients with secondary amyloidosis using tumor necrosis factor alpha antagonists. Am J Med 2005;118:552–556. 3. Yüksel S, Yalçinkaya F, Acar B et al. ClinicalExpand
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Single incision extended video assisted transcervical thymectomy.
In the last 30 years the introduction of VATS in the surgical practice made possible to perform a wide range of thoracic operations including thymectomy. We describe our single incisionExpand
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Safety of video-assisted thoracic surgery lobectomy for non-small-cell lung cancer in a low-volume unit.
Several studies have demonstrated that for complex surgical procedures, surgeons who treat more patients have better outcomes than their lower-volume counterparts. The aim of this paper is to reviewExpand
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Extended uniportal bilateral sympathectomy.
Hyperhidrosis affect 3% of the population and, despite benign nature of the disease, the individuals seek medical advice in order to improve their quality of life which can be severely compromised.Expand
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