Marco Morandi

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Distraction osteogenesis by the method of Ilizarov has permitted the study of bone formation. This is an analysis of 64 human biopsies in patients who were undergoing tibial lengthening by the method of Ilizarov. After analysis by conventional and polarized light microscopy, four stages of bone formation were identified. Bone formation is of the direct type(More)
A multiwavelength lidar operated in Sodankyla, Finland, during the European Arctic Stratospheric Ozone Experiment (December 1991-March 1992). It produced vertical profiles of stratospheric aerosols at four wavelengths. The determination of aerosol mean size distribution has been performed by use of extinction/backscattering ratios as obtained from lidar(More)
A polarization lidar operating at 532 nm was converted into an automatic, polarimetric lidar capable of measuring the entire Stokes vector of backscattered light and its derived quantities. Among these quantities, circular and linear depolarizations were studied as tools for investigating the presence of anisotropic scattering media. Isotropic scatterers(More)
The Ilizarov technique with a circular external fixator was used in the treatment of infected tibial nonunions. This is a report on 13 patients with a 2-year follow up after removal of the external fixation. There was no debridement of the site of nonunion performed. Union was obtained in all cases. There was no recurrence of infection at follow up. The(More)
A fitting procedure for cloud lidar data processing is shown that is based on the computation of the first three moments of the vertical-backscattering (or -extinction) profile. Single-peak clouds or single cloud layers are approximated to asymmetrical Gaussians. The algorithm is particularly stable with respect to noise and processing errors, and it is(More)
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