Marco Monguzzi

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Designers of factory automation applications increasingly demand for tools for rapid prototyping of hardware extensions to existing systems and verification of resulting behaviors through hardware and software co-simulation. This work presents a framework for the timing-accurate co-simulation of HDL models and their verification against hardware and(More)
This paper describes a design methodology for the estimation of bus performance of a tuplespace for factory automation. The need of a tuplespace is motivated by the characteristics of typical embedded architectures for factory automation. We describe the features of a bus for embedded applications and the problem of estimating its performance, and present a(More)
This work presents a modeling and analysis framework for heterogeneous industrial networks architectures, which is based on a tight integration of a network simulator with embedded software, middleware and a real-time operating system. This framework is suitable for modeling and simulating the behavior of typical components involved in factory automation(More)
The paper deals with modelling and analysis of heterogeneous industrial networks architectures. At first homogeneous modelling strategy using the network simulator is presented and then the role of systemC and the use of the instruction set simulator is provided. Experimental results shows that the network cannot support the workload generated by the PLCs.
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