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Osmotin, a plant protein, specifically binds a seven transmembrane domain receptor-like protein to exert its biological activity via a RAS2/cAMP signaling pathway. The receptor protein is encoded in the gene ORE20/PHO36 and the mammalian homolog of PHO36 is a receptor for the human hormone adiponectin (ADIPOR1). Moreover it is known that the osmotin domain(More)
One of the most challenging issue in the variant calling process is handling the resulting data, and filtering the genes retaining only the ones strictly related to the topic of interest. Several tools permit to gather annotations at different levels of complexity for the detected genes and to group them according to the pathways and/or processes they(More)
Cytokines are subdivided in 12 sub-families and are described as multi-functional molecules that play an important biological activity in host defense system against pathogens, in homeostasis, tissue repair, cell growth and development. CytokineDB is an annotated database that collects biological information regarding the cytokines family in human and will(More)
UNLABELLED The cytokines/related receptors system represents a complex regulatory network that is involved in those chronic inflammatory processes which lead to many diseases as cancers. We developed a Cytokine Receptor Database (CytReD) to collect information on cytokine receptors related to their biological activity, gene data, protein structures and(More)
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