Marco Matzeder

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We consider straight-line drawings of trees on a hexagonal grid. The hexagonal grid is an extension of the common grid with inner nodes of degree six. We restrict the number of directions used for the edges from each node to its children from one to five, and to five patterns: straight, Y , ψ, X, and full. The ψ–drawings generalize hvor strictly upward(More)
We present almost linear area bounds for drawing complete trees on the octagonal grid. For 7-ary trees we establish an upper and lower bound of Θ(n1.129) and for ternary trees the bounds of O(n1.048) and Θ(n), where the latter needs edge bends. We explore the unit edge length and area complexity of drawing unordered trees on k-grids with k ∈ {4, 6, 8} and(More)
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