Marco Massarelli

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Previous MRI studies of functional connectivity in pre-symptomatic mutation carriers of Huntington's disease (HD) have shown dysfunction of the Default-Mode Network (DMN). No data however are currently available on the DMN alterations in the symptomatic stages of the disease, which are characterized by cortical atrophy involving several DMN nodes. We(More)
BACKGROUND Uric acid (UA) is a strong natural scavenger of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, with evidence of possible use in the treatment of animal models of multiple sclerosis (MS). Consequently, serum UA has gained much attention as a possible biomarker of MS. We aim to investigate differences in serum UA levels between MS subjects and controls and(More)
BACKGROUND Huntington's disease (HD) is an autosomal dominant neurodegenerative disorder caused by an expanded CAG repeat in exon 1 of the HTT gene. There is increasing evidence pointing towards an involvement of the endocrine system in HD. Recent studies, investigating the increased risk of diabetes mellitus and impaired insulin sensitivity and secretion(More)
OBJECTIVES Adherence to treatment is of utmost importance in multiple sclerosis (MS) to achieve full benefits from disease-modifying treatments. Thus, we investigated predictors of adherence to interferon β-1a. METHODS 114 relapsing-remitting MS subjects were recruited and followed-up during 1.536 ± 0.961 years. RebiSmart® (Ares Trading SA, Coinsins,(More)
In the context of service oriented architectures (SOA), service level agreements (SLA) establish an actual link between the requester and the provider of a service. Their aim is to guarantee the requester on functional (e.g., scope of the service, optional services) and non-functional (e.g., service level objectives) aspects of the required service.(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Cardiovascular risk factors can increase the risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) and modify its course. However, such factors possibly interact, determining a global cardiovascular risk. Our aim was to compare the global cardiovascular risk of subjects with and without MS with the simplified 10-year Framingham General Cardiovascular(More)
Designing the Qualities of Services (QoS) and verifying their ensuring at runtime are key issues addressed by today information systems. In this paper, we present our solution to these issues through a case study related to the provisioning of media streaming services. Our approach is based on the main concepts of the Service Oriented Architecture and(More)
People with multiple sclerosis (MS) frequently report difficulties in finding personally relevant information on the Internet. With this in mind, the Google top-ten patient-oriented results were analysed for their overall level of readability. The most commonly visited websites required an average grade level of 11.74 ± 1.54, and an average number of years(More)
LRRK2 gene mutations (PARK8) are a common cause of genetic Parkinson disease (PD). G2019S, the most frequent mutation, is responsible for both familial and sporadic cases of PD. The clinical picture is usually indistinguishable from that observed in idiopathic PD; however, a wide range of clinical presentations and pathological findings has been described.(More)