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In CHO cells we had found that CCK positively regulated cell proliferation via the activation of a soluble guanylate cyclase. Here we demonstrate that CCK stimulated a nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activity. The production of NO was involved in the proliferative response elicited by CCK regarding the inhibitory effect of NOS inhibitors L-NAME and(More)
The biocompatibility of bioerodible polyanhydrides and toxicology of the polymer breakdown products were assessed. Poly-[bis (p-carboxy-phenoxy) propane anhydride] (PCPP), Poly(terephthalic acid anhydride) (PTA), and their copolymers with sebacic acid were tested. The polymers did not provoke inflammatory responses in the corneas of rabbits over a six week(More)
This paper gives the analysis and numerics underlying a shooting method for approximating the eigenvalues of nonselfadjoint Sturm-Liouville problems. We consider even order problems with (equally divided) separated boundary conditions. The method can nd the eigenvalues in a rectangle and in a left half-plane. It combines the argument principle with the(More)
Starting with an adjoint pair of operators, under suitable abstract versions of standard PDE hypotheses, we consider the Weyl M-function of extensions of the operators. The extensions are determined by abstract boundary conditions and we establish results on the relationship between the M-function as an analytic function of a spectral parameter and the(More)
A shooting method is developed to approximate the eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of a 4th order Sturm-Liouville problem. The main tool is a miss-distance function M(), which counts the number of eigenvalues less than. The method approximates the coeecients of the diierential equation by piecewise-constant functions, which enables an exact solution to be(More)
We describe a new code (SLEUTH) for numerical solution of regular two-point fourth-order Sturm-Liouvlle eigenvalue problems. Eigenvalues are computed according to index: the user specifies an integer <italic>k</italic>***0, and the code computes an approximation to the <italic>k</italic>th eigenvalue. Eigenfunctions are also avialable through an auxiliary(More)
This paper describes the algorithms and theory behind a new code for vector Sturm-Liouville problems. A new spectral function is defined for vector Sturm-Liouville problems; this is an integer valued function of the eigenparameter λ which has discontinuities precisely at the eigenvalues. We describe numerical algorithms which may be used to compute the new(More)