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In this paper we focus on large-scale IS implementation using the lens of absorptive capacity. Our case study concentrates on the double loop learning process that occurs over the implementation phase of ERP which we depict as a series of learning cycles. From this perspective, ERP implementation is best viewed not as a one-time process but rather as a(More)
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Past research on the broadband digital divide indicates a widening divide in which developing countries are falling further behind countries in the developed world. In response to this problem, the World Bank has advocated a " mobile first " strategy for developing countries. Unfortunately, there is little understanding of what determines mobile broadband(More)
This research examines how knowledge management elements of systems development projects are adapted to correspond with the increasing use of agile practices. Using a single, longitudinal case study, we draw on interview data from an initial CRM implementation that used a traditional approach, followed by a second project phase employing a hybrid(More)