Marco Marabelli

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In this paper we focus on large-scale IS implementation using the lens of absorptive capacity. Our case study concentrates on the double loop learning process that occurs over the implementation phase of ERP which we depict as a series of learning cycles. From this perspective, ERP implementation is best viewed not as a one-time process but rather as a(More)
We review the IS strategizing literature and highlight its main strengths and weaknesses. Strengths include an account given to the relevance of tensions between planned and executed strategy, and associated tradeoffs such as rigidity and flexibility, formal and informal strategizing and the exploitation of static resources vis à vis the exploration of(More)
In this paper we suggest that ES (Enterprise systems) implementation is an absorptive capacity (AC) challenge. However, we acknowledge that the insights provided by the AC lens are limited in that the construct takes into account only the possession perspective of knowledge and the concept of power is very weakly discussed. We argue that ES implementations,(More)