Marco Mangini

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BACKGROUND Vitamin D is involved in immune regulation in humans. Vitamin D serum deficiency is reported to be common in hospitalized patients, especially among Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patients. Our aim was to evaluate the relationship between vitamin D levels in septic patients and outcome. METHODS A total of 170 patients were studied, of which 92 were(More)
BACKGROUND Natural and human-initiated disasters are occurring with greater devastating consequences and increased frequency. During these events, hospitals have the burden to care for acutely ill and injured patients. The aim of this study was to evaluate the level of disaster preparedness of Italian hospitals. METHODS Site visits were conducted from(More)
BACKGROUND In the metropolitan area of Florence, 62% of major traumas involve powered two wheeler rider and pillion passengers, 10% cyclists, and 7% pedestrians. The urban and extra-urban areas are the most dangerous for the vulnerable road user. In-depth investigations are needed for assessing detailed information on road accidents. This type of study has(More)
BACKGROUND Hospitals are vulnerable to natural disasters, man-made disasters, and mass causalities events. Within a short time, hospitals must provide care to large numbers of casualties in any damaged infrastructure, despite great personnel risk, inadequate communications, and limited resources. Communications are one of the most common challenges and(More)
I thank You and the Referees for your constructive comments to our manuscript. According to reviewers’ suggestions the structure of the paper is greatly changed in order to improve the overall quality of the document. However, the contents and the data are not altered with respect to the previous version. The main modifications are: • The “Title” has been(More)
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