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Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy (EDMD) is an X-linked recessive disorder characterized by slowly progressing contractures, wasting of skeletal muscle and cardiomyopathy. Heart block is a frequent cause of death. The disease gene has been mapped to distal Xq28. Among many genes in this region, we selected eight transcripts expressed at high levels in(More)
ABP-280 is a ubiquitous actin binding protein present in the cytoskeleton of many different cell types. ABP-280 was mapped to distal Xq28, 50-60 kb downstream of the Green Colour Pigment (GCP) genes. To establish if ABP-280 may be a candidate for one of the muscle disease localized by linkage analysis to distal Xq28 we looked for alternative forms of(More)
Estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) was used for analysis of kidney disease prevalence in the United States. The study investigated on prevalence, associated disorders, and kidney disease awareness in an Italian population sample. Data were collected on serum creatinine, other laboratory indices, blood pressure, and medical history in the Gubbio(More)
Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) carrying NPM1 mutations and cytoplasmic nucleophosmin (NPMc+ AML) accounts for about one-third of adult AML and shows distinct features, including a unique gene expression profile. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small noncoding RNAs of 19-25 nucleotides in length that have been linked to the development of cancer. Here, we investigated(More)
The value of dual-color fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) for the detection of inv(16), using two contigs of cosmid probes mapping on both sides of the chromosome 16p breakpoint region, was evaluated in 23 acute myeloid leukemias (AML) in different phases of the disease. At diagnosis interphase FISH detected inv(16) in 19/19 (100%) cases with(More)
The association between serum uric acid and hypertension was evaluated in a sample of male workers in southern Italy enrolled in the Olivetti Heart Study, an ongoing longitudinal epidemiological investigation on risk factors for coronary heart disease carried out at the Olivetti factory in the suburban area of Naples. Participants were screened at baseline(More)
PURPOSE Deletions of the derivative chromosome 9 [der(9)] have been associated with a poor prognosis in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) across different treatment modalities. In the imatinib era, the prognostic impact of der(9) deletions has been evaluated mainly in patients with late chronic-phase (CP) CML, giving partially conflicting results. Few data are(More)
n-3 Fatty acids in the form of ethyl esters (EE) allow lower daily doses and improved compliance. Administration of n-3 fatty acids to patients with glucose intolerance has led to controversial findings, some studies indicating worsening of the disorder, others no effect, or an improvement. A total of 935 patients with hypertriglyceridemia, associated with(More)
Numerous stem cell niches are present in the different tissues and organs of the adult human body. Among these tissues, dental pulp, entrapped within the 'sealed niche' of the pulp chamber, is an extremely rich site for collecting stem cells. In this study, we demonstrate that the isolation of human dental pulp stem cells by the explants culture method(More)