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BACKGROUND During the last years B. megaterium was continuously developed as production host for the secretion of proteins into the growth medium. Here, recombinant production and export of B. megaterium ATCC14945 penicillin G amidase (PGA) which is used in the reverse synthesis of beta-lactam antibiotics were systematically improved. RESULTS For this(More)
A multiple vector system for the production and export of recombinant affinity-tagged proteins in Bacillus megaterium was developed. Up to 1 mg/liter of a His6-tagged or Strep-tagged Lactobacillus reuteri levansucrase was directed into the growth medium, using the B. megaterium esterase LipA signal peptide, and recovered by one-step affinity chromatography.
A recombinant B. megaterium strain was used for the heterologous production of a glucosyltransferase (dextransucrase). To better understand the physiological and metabolic responses of the host cell to cultivation and induction conditions, proteomic analysis was carried out by combined use of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry(More)
Cobalamin (vitamin B(12)) production in Bacillus megaterium has served as a model system for the systematic evaluation of single and multiple directed molecular and genetic optimization strategies. Plasmid and genome-based overexpression of genes involved in vitamin B(12) biosynthesis, including cbiX, sirA, modified hemA, the operons hemAXCDBL and(More)
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