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The goal of the present study was to determine the effect of light-emitting diode phototherapy (LEDT) at 630 nm on muscle recovery after a damaging eccentric exercise bout. Seventeen healthy young male volunteers, without previous experience with eccentric exercise, were included in a randomized double-blinded placebo-controlled trial. They were divided(More)
To examine the effects of different rest intervals between sets on serum creatine kinase (CK) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activity, 10 men (age = 25.6 ± 2.2 years, height = 173.1 ± 7.1 cm, and body mass = 75.9 ± 10.0 kg) participated in a randomized within-subject design that involved 4 resistance exercise sessions. Each session consisted of 4 sets of(More)
PURPOSE We examined the effects of creatine supplementation on the response to repeated bouts of resistance exercise. METHODS Young men (24.1 ± 5.2 yr) were divided into Creatine (CM, n = 9) and Placebo (PL, n = 9) groups. On day (D) 1 and D15, subjects performed four sets of bicep curls at 75% 1-RM to concentric failure. On D8-D13, subjects consumed(More)
The genetic variability among 13 isolates of Olive mild mosaic virus (OMMV) and of 11 isolates of Tobacco necrosis virus D (TNV-D) recovered from Olea europaea L. samples from various sites in Portugal, was assessed through the analysis of the coat protein (CP) gene sequences. This gene was amplified through reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction(More)
This study aims to evaluate the existence of anatomic abnormalities in the skull base that could contribute to the origin of primary spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leaks (PSL). Twenty PSL patients were compared with 20 healthy individuals. The following features were measured through an analysis of computed tomography scans: the angles of the petrosal(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study is to assess the effect of pre-pregnancy physical training on metabolic responses and its effects on offspring. METHODS Three groups of rats (n = 7 in each group): sedentary pregnant rats (PS), exercised during pregnancy (PE) and pregnant rats trained before and during pregnancy (PT) were compared. They were separated into(More)
PURPOSE To examine serum creatine kinase (CK) activity after resistance exercise bouts with different rest intervals between sets and exercises in high responding (HR) and normal responding (NR) subjects. METHODS During each resistance exercise bout, three sets with 10-repetition maximum (10RM) loads were completed for the chest press, cable pulldown,(More)
The goal of this paper was to investigate the amplitude and sub-100 Hz frequency content of surface electromyography (EMG) signals obtained from agonist, antagonist and synergist muscles during a heel-raise task sustained to failure. Twenty-two healthy adults, 14 men and 8 women participated in the study. Surface EMG data from the raising and lowering(More)
The senior population has increasing recently and demanding greater attention due to of falling related to the reduction of muscle strength. The early falling risk identification has been prized by many countries and allows the implementation of preventive actions, such as the participation of physical activities, which have been considered a promising way(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the behavior of total creatine kinase (CK) and other muscular damage markers and to compare CK activity and renal function indices in professional cyclists during a 3-week stage race. DESIGN Prospective, noncomparative, interventional. SETTING The athletes were recruited during the 2011 Giro d'Italia. PARTICIPANTS Nine(More)