Marco Maccheroni

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A number of neurosteroids have been demonstrated to exert anxiolytic properties by means of a positive modulation of inhibitory GABAergic neurotransmission. The observation that neurosteroid synthesis can be pharmacologically regulated by ligands to the mitochondrial translocator protein (TSPO) has prompted the search for new, more selective TSPO ligands(More)
Dolichol is a long-chain polyisoprenoid. No enzyme pathway for dolichol degradation was discovered. Dolichol accumulates in human and rodent tissues during ageing. Red blood cells contain a larger amount of dolichol and red blood cell life span is shorter in older rats. The effects of age and of the load of dolichol from red blood cell degradation on the(More)
Long-term results of 16 surgically treated brainstem gliomas are reported. The results have been reviewed with reference to the clinical and pathological criteria defined by Hoffman and co-workers (1980) in the attempt to differentiate a distinct group of benign tumours. A good correlation has been obtained. The usefulness of surgical treatment of brainstem(More)
A 16-year-old patient who had a history of complex partial seizures, had frequent episodes of status epilepticus with diffuse slow-wave discharges. The clinical manifestations were apparently insignificant due to the fact that vigilance, orientation and behaviour were unimpaired. Neuropsychological investigations showed that the cognitive processes were(More)
This colorimetric method for determination of zinc in seminal liquid is based on the reaction between zinc and 4-(2-pyridylazo)resorcinol in a buffered solution at pH 9.5. It is very simple, fast (approximately equal to 10 min), and economical. It can be used to determine zinc in "whole" semen, seminal plasma, or isolated spermatozoa. We verified its(More)
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