Marco Lucente

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Spontaneous EEG patterns are studied to detect migraine patients both during the attack and in headache-free periods. The EEG signals are analyzed through the wavelets and both scale-dependent and scale-independent features are computed to characterize the patterns. The classification is carried out by a supervised neural network. The efficiency of the(More)
—In this paper, the design of a minisatellite FLOwer constellation (FC), deploying millimeter-wave (MMW) scanning RADiometers, namely, FLORAD, and devoted to tropospheric observations, is analyzed and discussed. The FLORAD mission is aimed at the retrieval of thermal and hydrological properties of the troposphere, specifically temperature profile,(More)
Satellite constellation designers take into consideration the entire telecommunication network and their design choices are influenced by many factors including: number of satellites, orbital characteristics, coverage area, network interconnections, system cost, and complexity. When the satellite constellation design method does not include a large number(More)
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