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The objective of this study was to investigate the ability of a milk line sampling device to obtain a representative sample by comparing SCC and bacterial culture results between milk line and bulk tank samples for milk harvested from the same group of cows at the same milking. A total of 42 paired milk line and bulk tank samples were collected at separate(More)
We present an empirical assessment of the impact of temporal decorrelation on interferometric coherence measured over a forested landscape. A series of repeat-pass interferometric radar images with a zero spatial baseline were collected with UAVSAR (Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar), a fully polarimetric airborne L-band radar system. The(More)
In this paper we discuss some aspects of the forest height estimation using Polarimetric and Interferometric (POLINSAR) SAR data. Three main issues limit the inversion of the POLINSAR coherence from repeat-pass POLINSAR systems: temporal decorrelation, terrain slope distortions and effects of wave penetration. We show that, if temporal decorre-lation is not(More)
(1),(4) ABSTRACT GeoSAR is a unique dual-band, interferometric SAR (DBInSAR) sensor capable of collecting single-pass, X-band (VV) and P-band (HH) interferometric data simultaneously. In this paper we examine the dependence of the P-band HH interferometric phase centre height upon forest and terrain parameters. We develop a simple model for P-band GeoSAR(More)