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Although small GTP-binding proteins of the Rho family have been implicated in signaling to the actin cytoskeleton, the exact nature of the linkage has remained obscure. We describe a novel mechanism that links one Rho family member, Cdc42, to actin polymerization. N-WASP, a ubiquitously expressed Cdc42-interacting protein, is required for Cdc42-stimulated(More)
This paper analyzes how street-level traffic data affects routing in VANETs applications. First, we offer a general review about which protocols and techniques would fit best for VANET applications. We selected five main technical aspects (Transmission, Routing, Quality of Service, Security and Location) that we consider are differential aspects of VANETs(More)
A highly accurate method for the determination of the detection efficiency of a silicon single-photon avalanche diode (Si-SPAD) is presented. This method is based on the comparison of the detected count rate of the Si-SPAD compared to the photon rate determined from a calibrated silicon diode using a modified attenuator technique, in which the total(More)
A Marco López amb mottu del seu seixanté aniversari (To Marco López, on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday) Abstract We give explicit formulas for the subdi¤erential set of the conjugate of non necessarily convex functions de…ned on general Banach spaces. Even if such a subdi¤erential mapping takes its values in the bidual space, we show that up to a(More)
Here we show that neutron diffraction can experimentally measure distances involving hydrogen on real catalysts. This method is applicable to adsorbed hydrogen (and other hydrogenous species) on crystalline, nanocrystalline or amorphous materials, supported and unsupported metals as well as oxides and works at ambient temperature and pressure.
Near-field goniometric measurements are employed to determine the photometric characteristics of light sources, i.e., the spatial and angular distribution of the emitted light. To this end, a complex measurement system consisting of a goniometer and a CCD-based imaging photometer is employed. In order to gain insight into the measurement system and to(More)
BACKGROUND Silicon single-photon avalanche diodes (Si-SPADs) are the most used devices for measuring ultra-weak optical radiant fluxes in many quantum technology fields, such as quantum optics, quantum communication, quantum computing, etc. In all these fields, the detection efficiency is the main parameter, which has to be accurately known for achieving(More)
A test setup for membrane-electrode-assemblies (MEAs) of proton exchange membrane fuel cells which allows in situ fluorescence x-ray absorption spectroscopy studies of one electrode with safe exclusion of contributions from the counter electrode is described. Interference by the counter electrode is excluded by a geometry including a small angle of(More)
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